Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

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Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

Hello, my name is Kari. After watching many of my friends' businesses fail due to poor marketing, I decided that I wanted to help. These businesses all had great products, but their owners simply did not know how to reach potential customers, how to create a brand and how to expand their client base. Because I had studied marketing and have an intuitive gift for branding, I could easily see what my friends had done wrong. To help others avoid that fate, I started this blog. If you have a product, a business or even just a blog, you can learn how to promote it here. I hope that you enjoy reading!

Medical Practice Managers And Patient Information: Three Mistakes That Could Fall Foul Of The Australian Privacy Principles

Australian medical practices must routinely deal with sensitive patient information. To protect patient privacy, the Australian Privacy Act outlines a series of privacy principles that anyone who deals with this data must adhere to. Failure to stick to these principles could ultimately lead to million-dollar fines, so it's in everyone in the records management storage facility's interests to do everything they can to support the rules. Here are three examples of how things could go wrong. Read More 

Live Phone Chat Fun: Four Flirty Topics and How to Take Them to the Next Level

To have a flirty live phone chat, you need something to talk about. Don't let a lack of ideas keep you off the phone. Here are four flirty topics and tips on taking them all to the "next level": 1. Entertainment News Dating blogger Jackie Pilossoph advises couples on first dates to steer clear of political discussions but focus on the news instead. Although the war and famine may be fun over drinks and dinner, it's too heavy for flirty phone chat. Read More 

Five Tips For Finding The Perfect Wheelchair Liftgate For Your Van

Fifteen percent of Australians have a physical disability, and if you know and love one of these 3.4 million people, you may want to consider converting your van into one they can use easily in spite of mobility challenges. Adding a liftgate to your vehicle allows anyone to easily get into your van, even if they cannot step up into the vehicle or are in a wheelchair. In order to choose the perfect liftgate, here are five points you should consider: Read More 

Rust In Your Hot Water Tank? Tips To Avoid Having A Brown Shower

A long, hot shower is one of life's little luxuries and many people look forward to this after a busy day. But, if you have ever turned on the shower and watched a pungent brown liquid flow out, then your shower desire probably disappeared quite fast. Brown showers are caused by a rust build up in your hot water system, and many homeowners do not take steps to prevent this from happening. Read More 

Smokers and Non-Smokers: Five Surprising Reasons You Should Try E-Cigarettes

Whether you are a regular nicotine user, someone who enjoys the occasional cigarette or just feeling curious, it may be time to try e-cigarettes. There are countless reasons to try them, but here are the top five. 1. E-cigarettes do not have the smells, ash and other nuisances associated with traditional cigarettes. Sadly, traditional cigarettes emit smoke and odours that can be offensive and annoying to other people. E-cigarettes, in contrast, do not emit any smoke or odours. Read More