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Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

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Five Business Card Mistakes Recruitment Consultants Make

Despite the popularity of smartphones and other digital devices, a traditional business card remains an essential tool for most professions. For recruitment consultants, business cards are as relevant as ever because it's crucial that you have 'something' to give a potential candidate or client in any professional situation. When you are designing your business card online, make sure it doesn't fall foul of the five following mistakes that some of your competitors are probably making.

Using a glossy finish

At face value, a glossy finish often seems like a good idea. Smart, laminated business cards are more durable, and a glossy finish also presents a high-quality image. Unfortunately, when you choose this type of design, you make the card unusable in an important way.

If you're handing somebody a business card, you probably want the other person to do something with it. Whether you want them to call you, send you an email or just drop by the office, it's important that one of you can scribble the details on the back of the card. A glossy finish makes this task almost impossible. Choose a business card design without a laminated surface, so your contacts can use the card to record details of the next step they need to take.

Incomplete or unprofessional contact details

Accurate contact details are essential on any business card, but many people still only supply partially complete information. Common mistakes include:

  • A telephone number, but no email address (or vice versa)
  • Incorrect digits in the telephone number (make sure you proofread)
  • Ambiguous telephone numbers (make it clear if a number is mobile, fax or landline)

Unprofessional email addresses can also erode your professional image. For example, don't use a web-based email address. Candidates and clients expect you to pay for your own domain name, at the very least. It's important to remember that first impressions last. It's also probably not a good idea to use witty personal email addresses. 

Too much information

It's acceptable to leave plenty of white space on your business card. In fact, empty space makes it easier to find contact details, but some people still find it necessary to clutter their card up with as much detail as possible

Redundant features on a business card include inspirational quotes, a map of your office or your current elevator pitch. Make sure the card design is clean, uncluttered and smart, and avoid the temptation to use gimmicks like attention-seeking images.

That aside, recruitment consultants should strongly consider having a profile photo on their business cards. When you attend networking events or recruitment conventions, it's important to remember that many attendees will go home with dozens of business cards. Many executive coaches believe that a face photo can help people remember your business card long after a networking event.

No brand promise or tagline

What sets your recruitment consultancy aside from the competition? What are your brand promises and achievements? It's often useful to include a tagline on your business card because this can also help you stay front-of-mind for candidates and clients. If you don't have a brand promise, learn how to develop one.

It's important not to exaggerate what you do, but it's also useful to market your achievements. Highlight customer satisfaction rates and awards you have received, and display details of any formal qualifications you hold. You are up against a lot of competition, so it's vital that your business card celebrates the areas you excel in.

Social network icons with no URL

Some people mistakenly believe that a social media icon is enough to send people to a brand page, but a small image is not enough to prompt people to find you online. If you want to display a social media icon, make sure you also include the accompanying URL.

Some people will use scanning software to upload your details to a smartphone. An icon won't give them the page details they need. Also, you probably share your name with lots of other people on the same site. How does a candidate or potential client know which user's page to go to? Always use your business card to make it as easy as possible to find you.

All recruitment consultants need professional, memorable and effective business cards. Don't lose potential clients with an inferior design, and take time to avoid the mistakes that other people in your industry are making.