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Four Tips To Encourage Your Children To Keep Their Rooms Tidy

Here comes Christmas! As a parent of young children, Christmas Day is one of the most magical days of the year as wrapping paper is ripped away to expose wonderful new toys that fill their hearts with joy. The only major downside of Christmas is finding room for all of their new shiny things. If you were struggling before Christmas Day to get your kids to keep their rooms tidy, an influx of new toys is not going to make things easier. Here are four ideas that you can put into place to help the lifelong struggle for a tidy kid's bedroom.


The main point to keep in mind when you are considering the different storage ideas that can be used is the height of your child. Little children cannot reach storage boxes that are on tall shelves without putting themselves in danger of falling from ladders or steps. Children under 4 account for 38% of falling-related injuries in children.

If you want to utilise their wardrobe for some of their toys and games, and you expect your child to put those things away, you need to ask your robe designer, such as Hills Robes & Screens, to use adjustable shelving inside their closets. Modular shelving involves putting dividers inside the robe that run from the ceiling down to the floor. These dividers look similar to a ladder. Between these dividers you can place either shelves or hanging rods. The beauty of this system is the ability to raise the shelves and hangers as your child grows taller.

Fun Storage

If you make the storage options for your child fun, then you have a better chance of them hanging up their clothes, or putting their toys away. Ideas for fun storage include:

  • Stretch a hammock between two corners of the bedroom. This hammock is a great place for all their soft toys to be stored off the floor.
  • Place a basketball hoop over a toy chest. Little boys and girls will love slam dunking their toys back into the toy chest if they can make a game of it while they are cleaning up their room.
  • Use funky storage boxes. These make it easier for your children to make sure everything is in the right place. Have the boxes labelled so they know that their toy cars go in one, and plastic blocks belong in another.


Incorporating colour into your children's storage design will make all the difference as to whether they are inspired to tidy up or not. Consider using these colours when you are contemplating a room redesign:

  • Orange is perfect as this colour is both inspiring and cheering. If your child wants to spend time in their bedroom, they are more likely to take pride in keeping it clean and tidy.
  • Yellow is a great choice for encouraging both memory and concentration. Both of these traits are helpful if you want your child to focus on having a tidy bedroom.


No matter how many storage options you present to a child, if there are more toys than storage, your child will not be encouraged to tidy up. They do not get motivated to clean when the task seems overwhelming to them.

Before each Christmas arrives, make it an annual task to go through your children's toys with them to discover which ones they don't play with any more. Those that are in great condition can be donated to charity for those families that have less than yours. This encourages your children to enter into the spirit of giving at Christmas time.

Now that you know how to keep your children's bedrooms a little tidier, it is time to put some organisation plans in place before the new toys arrives this Christmas. Speaking to a design specialist is the first step to take when you want to regain control of a child's mess. This will give you more time to do the things you like when you have to spend less time nagging your kids to clean up.