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Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

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Why Today's Homeowners Continue to Choose Wood for Their Decks

Although real wood is no longer the only option available for deck construction, it's still the preferred choice for many modern Australian homeowners. The continued use of wood in the construction of residential decks can be attributed mainly to the many impressive advantages that it delivers.

Continue reading to find out the various reasons wood comes out on top in a matchup against other decking materials.

Wood is a sustainable construction material

As the use of wood in deck construction continues to increase substantially, so do concerns regarding its sustainability. Despite the notion that building with wood hurts the environment by reducing the world's forest cover, forests continue to be replenished after any timber is harvested. Plus, what's used doesn't exceed what grows back.

Better forest management means forests are healthier and better able to meet the demands of the construction industry, including deck builders.

Wood is a good thermal insulator

Don't want your deck to get too hot in summer? Summertime is a great time of the year to spend time outdoors. But, the hot weather can make your deck hot to the touch, stopping you from taking off your shoes and walking on the deck barefoot.

As a naturally insulating material, wood feels cooler than almost every other decking material. It is your best bet for keeping your deck cool in hot weather.

Wood is a long-lasting choice for your deck

Are you looking to build a deck that can endure prolonged exposure to the outside environment? Today's wood decking comes in a variety of resilient wood species that can withstand the vagaries of the daily weather. 

What's more, the wood can be sanded down and refinished periodically to extend its life and fix any cosmetic damage that occurs over time. 

Wood decking can be recycled 

Like other decking options, wood decking eventually degrades and will need to be removed and replaced. But where does the old wood go? Wood from end-of-life decks doesn't have to be taken to the local landfill site. It can be salvaged and repurposed, ensuring more productive and environmentally friendly use of the material.

Pitted against other deck construction materials, wood continues to be the unequivocal winner for many homeowners. Wood decking systems have their drawbacks too, though. Besides being expensive to build, they require a lot of maintenance to maintain their shine and structural integrity. The good news is that you can always trust your local deck builder to meet your deck construction, maintenance, and repair needs.

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