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Tips For Quickly and Cleanly Changing Your Lamy Fountain Pen Nib

Lamy fountain pens are perfect for producing elegant, professional-looking handwriting and signatures, and there's a wide selection of different nibs to choose from, depending on the effect you want to achieve.  However, changing fountain pen nibs can be a little messy if you go about it the wrong way. 

Here's a quick guide on how to change your Lamy fountain pen nib quickly and cleanly.

What you'll need

  • replacement nib
  • disposable gloves
  • a piece of paper
  • warm water
  • paper towel
  • sticky tape (for Method #2)

How to do it

Before you start either method, put on a pair of disposable gloves to protect your fingers from ink stains.  If you want to use the second method, you can obtain purpose-specific tape from your Lamy pen supplier.

Method #1 – The pen cap method

  1. Start off by removing the cap from your pen.  Turn your pen over and lay it on its back on a piece of paper.  
  2. Take the pen cap, turn it upside down, and place the rim on the very end of the nib.  
  3. Now, very gently push down on the cap with one hand, and firmly pull the pen with your other hand.  The nib should come off easily.  
  4. Wash the removed nib in clean, warm water to get rid of any residual ink, and dry it with a paper towel.  
  5. Turn your Lamy fountain pen over and carefully slide the replacement nib into position, following the guides.  You'll hear a 'click' when the nib is firmly in place.

Method #2 – The tape method

  1. Begin by rinsing your pen nib under warm water to get rid of any ink.  Dry the nib thoroughly with a paper towel.  This step is important because the tape won't stick properly if the nib is dirty or wet.  
  2. Cut a piece of tape about three or four centimetres long.  Lay the tape over the nib as close to the pen body as possible.  It's important that you don't put the tape over the part of the nib through which the ink flows.  Sticky tape residue here could prevent smooth ink flow and damage your pen.  
  3. Press the tape down firmly so that it sticks to the nib.   Now, pull the tape gently and slowly away from the body of the pen; the nib should slide off.  
  4. Now you can fit your new nib as described in step #5 above.

In conclusion

You can quickly and simply replace your Lamy fountain pen nib by following the guidelines above.  For more advice on choosing and replacing fountain pen nibs, have a chat with your local Lamy pen supplier.