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Do You Own a Pet? Consider These Factors Before Renting a Strata Unit

If you are a pet owner in Australia looking to rent a strata unit, you may want to look into the management's pet policy before signing the rental contract. Strata by-laws in Australia vary from scheme to scheme, and there are those that prohibit pets, while others have restrictive rules regarding keeping pets. It is important to know whether the strata management has set up their by-laws or if they abide by the general laws regarding pet care and behavior. Once you establish this, you need to look into the following issues.

Do you need an owner's consent?

The Owners' Corporation is the body in Australia that issues a written authorization of pet owners before they can keep their pets in strata unit. Some strata laws require you to obtain this consent beforehand. Before signing the consent, go through the by-laws the conditions upon which the consent is determined to assess whether they are favorable for you. The reason for doing this is that these conditions vary among different schemes, and you may find that one or a few requirements are not favorable to you or your pet.

What are the pet restrictions in place?

Strata by-laws have different limits when it comes to keeping pets in the units. You need to look into this, especially if you own more than one pet. Some laws do not allow having more than one pet in one unit. Some strata schemes also have limits on the types of pets that are allowed.

What are the owner's obligations?

The activities of residents within a strata scheme can have a significant impact on the satisfaction and enjoyment of others. Pet owners in strata units are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their pets do not infringe the rights and comfort of other members of the community. As such, you should look into the rules regarding pet owners' obligations regarding pet care and behavior. Some of the common ones include the following:

•    Pets being a nuisance to other community members.

•    Having pets on a leash when using outdoor communal areas.

•    Controlling noisy pets, especially dogs barking during the night.

•    Ensuring pets don't destroy communal or individual property within the units.

Breaking such rules can cause the removal of your pet from the scheme, and you may be forced to move out as well. Come up with strategies that will ensure your pet's behavior is acceptable to other members of the scheme.

Living with pets in a strata unit requires following all the set by-laws to the letter. During the stay, ensure you remain updated with new pet laws that may be introduced by the strata management.