Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

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Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

Hello, my name is Kari. After watching many of my friends' businesses fail due to poor marketing, I decided that I wanted to help. These businesses all had great products, but their owners simply did not know how to reach potential customers, how to create a brand and how to expand their client base. Because I had studied marketing and have an intuitive gift for branding, I could easily see what my friends had done wrong. To help others avoid that fate, I started this blog. If you have a product, a business or even just a blog, you can learn how to promote it here. I hope that you enjoy reading!

Two tips to follow when organising internet access for the business you’re launching

No matter what type of business you're launching, you will almost certainly need internet access to run it. You may need to converse with clients over email, host online meetings, place orders with suppliers on their websites and run your own website to market your services or sell products. Here are two tips to follow when organising internet access for the business you're launching. Opt for a business internet plan, rather than using your own personal internet plan Read More 

Why Today’s Homeowners Continue to Choose Wood for Their Decks

Although real wood is no longer the only option available for deck construction, it's still the preferred choice for many modern Australian homeowners. The continued use of wood in the construction of residential decks can be attributed mainly to the many impressive advantages that it delivers. Continue reading to find out the various reasons wood comes out on top in a matchup against other decking materials. Wood is a sustainable construction material Read More 

3 Things To Look For in Modular Jet Ski Pontoons

Modular jet ski pontoons are versatile. Rather than buying a fixed floating pontoon with a set size, these products allow you to design a set-up that suits your needs. You can also change your design at any stage to make it bigger or smaller. Before you buy components, make sure to look for products with the most useful features. What makes a perfect modular jet ski pontoon? 1. Ease of Construction Read More 

Are You Sure That Your Motor Won’t Let You Down?

If you have spent any time on the water at all, you will understand how vital it is that your boat is well-maintained. No one wants to be relying for their safety on a boat that lets in water or shows signs of cracking. A responsible boat owner should be regularly washing down their boat and looking for signs that the hull has started to oxidize. Taking the time to look for problems should help you to spot issues early so that when you are out on the water, you have confidence in the integrity of the boat. Read More 

Why It Is So Important To Get Good Strata Management

If you live in an apartment or shared living situation that involves other tenants, then you most likely have come across the term 'strata management'. This is a term for the company or person that oversees all of the common areas and services of your building. While you own (or lease the apartment from the owner) the unit you are in, you do not own the common areas. Technically, everyone in that area owns it together. Read More