Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

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Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

Hello, my name is Kari. After watching many of my friends' businesses fail due to poor marketing, I decided that I wanted to help. These businesses all had great products, but their owners simply did not know how to reach potential customers, how to create a brand and how to expand their client base. Because I had studied marketing and have an intuitive gift for branding, I could easily see what my friends had done wrong. To help others avoid that fate, I started this blog. If you have a product, a business or even just a blog, you can learn how to promote it here. I hope that you enjoy reading!

Reclaim Your Mobility: 4 Benefits of Using a Powered Wheelchair

Living with limited mobility can be a difficult adjustment. If you're having difficulty getting around, you may want to consider investing in a powered wheelchair. Not only are powered wheelchairs more convenient and comfortable than manual wheelchairs, but they also offer several other benefits. This post explores four benefits of using a power wheelchair.  1. Increased Independence Having the freedom to get around on your own terms is a game-changer. With a powered wheelchair, you can move around independently and reclaim your independence. Read More