Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

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Business Marketing Strategies: Promote, Brand and Expand Your Business

Hello, my name is Kari. After watching many of my friends' businesses fail due to poor marketing, I decided that I wanted to help. These businesses all had great products, but their owners simply did not know how to reach potential customers, how to create a brand and how to expand their client base. Because I had studied marketing and have an intuitive gift for branding, I could easily see what my friends had done wrong. To help others avoid that fate, I started this blog. If you have a product, a business or even just a blog, you can learn how to promote it here. I hope that you enjoy reading!

Things to Look Out for When Choosing Thermoplastic Line Marking Paint

If you've decided to mark your concrete and asphalt pavements, then that's a great idea. It is the easiest and most convenient way of ensuring order and controlling pedestrian and vehicular traffic on your premises. Line marking will ensure that people respect the boundaries you set for them, ensuring vehicles are parked appropriately and that pedestrians can walk across pavements at points considered safe for them. Certainly, the quality of paint that you choose for marking your premises determines elementary features like visibility and durability of the lines. Read More